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Here’s the latest tips from our friends in Essex Police, written by Crime Prevention Tactical Officer, Stephen Armson-Smith

When walking down the road during the now darker nights it is easy to spot that empty house. There’s a line of houses, lights glowing within and signs of occupancy.  In the middle of these houses is a similar house but this one is in darkness with no signs of occupancy. It’s easy to spot the empty house and chances are the burglar will too!  At this time of year an increased number of house burglaries occur between dusk and when you get home. You don’t have to be a magician to create the illusion of occupancy and it may help protect your house.

To become an illusionist make your home appear to be occupied even when you are out.

Here are a few things to consider:

  • Lights on timers in rooms that you would normally occupy (you can get a timer that fits over your light switches - search on the internet for ‘light switch timer’)
  • A TV simulator (Fake TV) for the evenings
  • A door bell you can monitor and answer remotely via your mobile phone
  • During the day leave a radio on; boots outside the back door; a vacuum cleaner out with the lead going out of sight (not plugged in though); a newspaper over the arm of the chair with a drink on the table and a pair of spectacles; the list goes on.
  • Don’t leave garden tools out in the garden though or you may find the burglar uses them. Lock tools securely away in a secure shed or garage and use a shed alarm, some of which can be remotely monitored.

Thanks Stephen

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