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I do get some excellent messages from my readers and this one, from Graham, deserves an airing.

Here, Graham has been thinking about the moped theft problem and I like what he’s got to say.

In order to cut the theft of moped/scooters its simple, maybe....paint them like "Judas Goats" B24 bombers from WW2. Each bike, instead of being standard factory colours, is painted/sprayed in unique colours. It won’t cost 6d to reprogram the spray machines; let the machines have fun.

And if a dog can be chipped so can a moped. It can be tracked if stolen. You don't need a big committee to think this one out. This is a serious matter and looking back in the past will help.

It’s simple... a black bike is easily hidden, not one that is more fancy than a parrot and squawks louder than one!

Here’s some of my reply....

I couldn't agree more.

Manufacturers do need to do more to ensure that mopeds/scooters/motorbikes and Quads can be more easily identified. I suspect they will start chipping them, but tracking is something that is usually retro-fitted or ordered at the time of purchase and the monthly costs are quite high (for a moped rider).

There are retro ID systems available to use, such as Datatag. I also think more could be done in respect to immobilisation and alarming by the manufacturers, such as already done on cars.

Colour, of course, is a matter of taste, but maybe you should drop a line to the manufacturers and suggest your ideas to them.

Thank you very much for taking the time to drop me a line..........

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