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Just heard about a good idea on BBC Radio London where Vanessa Feltz was interviewing a moped theft victim, Hira Virdee.

Hira recently had his phone snatched by a moped rider/pillion whilst in central London, but due to the fact that the riders were covering their faces and the registration of the moped (probably stolen anyway) was not visible the police said they were unable to help him further at this time. He highlighted the problem of a lack of police resources to follow these mopeds via CCTV to see where they were going and reminded us that the police were not able to give chase if there was a danger that the moped rider or some innocent pedestrian might get hurt as a result of the pursuit.

In a very positive move he has since put his bad experience into creating a new Twitter account called @MopedSpotted  and he is encouraging all of us, particularly in London where the problem has been growing, to report sightings of mopeds potentially linked to crime. He would like you to tweet the location, pictures and or videos of unidentifiable mopeds if you see them involved in crime or you are suspicious as to what the riders are doing. You can follow the message with #moped #gang #acid #knife  

Hira intends to write an algorithm to analyse the information he receives to provide intelligence to the police and the public.

Obviously you should not place yourself in danger if you decide to film an incident; put your own safety first. Call 999 if you see an incident taking place.

Good luck Hira!


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