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As part of the Home Security Survey on this website I ask respondents to let me know where they keep their valuable stuff; things like cash, jewellery, passports etc. and this is what they’ve said:

I keep my cash and or valuable jewellery and documents........

  • In a safe certified to a security standard acceptable to my insurance company 7.8%
  • In an under floor safe 2.5%
  • In a wall safe 6.1%
  • In a cheap lightweight domestic safe 11.7%
  • Hidden in various places around the dwelling 72%

So, the vast majority of us are still hiding things and if you’re doing this then do please make sure they are very well hidden indeed, because thieves know about the places listed below and will search them:

  • Sock drawer
  • Top of the wardrobe
  • Under the bed
  • Under the sink
  • Under the bedside table
  • The fridge
  • Behind books on the book shelves
  • In the shed
  • In the hostess trolley
  • The back of the drinks cabinet

At the very least you should get yourself one of those domestic safes you can find at the DIY centre and make sure it is bolted into a wall, concrete floor and preferably both. Better still save up and buy an insurance rated safe and have it professionally installed.

Think of a safe as your very last line of defence; something that will protect the most commonly stolen property in a burglary, which will always include cash, jewellery, car keys and spare house keys. Lose these things and you are unlikely to get them back and if you lose spare keys you’ll have to pay for replacements and may lose your vehicle.

There’s lots of advice on this website about safes

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