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In the (online) Derbyshire Times last Thursday there was an article concerning the theft of the following bikes from Field Head Campsite in Edale the previous month.

  • Cannondale Habit mountain bike - Black and Blue
  • Cube Stereo mountain bike - Grey with Black and Orange markings

There is no information about how the bikes were stolen or whether they were locked at the time, but I couldn’t help but notice that all the advice given by the police in the article (which was good advice btw) was aimed at bike owners, rather than the owners of the campsites where these bikes might be parked.

Now, for all I know, Field Head Campsite and other campsites in the vicinity might have secure bike parking facilities for their customers; it’s the sort of facility that one might hope to find on campsites that are regularly used by mountain bikers, especially as the bikes cost between £1,500 and £5,000 a piece!

What I mean by a secure bike parking facility is a well overlooked, purpose-built, secure structure with a roof and with access control containing solid bike racks to which the users can lock their bikes in accordance with the police advice (that appears in the news article). I’ve seen these on business premises car parks where they are usually located close to the entrance to the offices to maximise natural surveillance, so I know they exist!

The truth is that I’ve no idea if any campsites offer secure bike parking facilities, but if yours does or, you’re a biker and know of one that does, then do please get in touch with me. I would definitely promote them on my website. After all, we can give as much advice as we like about how to lock up an expensive mountain bike, but if there's nothing really solid to lock it to then the advice will only go so far.

Obviously, the provision of a secure bike parking facility does come at a cost, but I’m sure customers would be happy to pay a small daily fee so that the initial building cost can be recouped and the facility maintained.

Anyway, back to the story and the investigating officer, PC Peter Burgess, can be contacted on 101, quoting reference 17*267347 if you have any information, or you can send him a message online through the Derbyshire Constabulary Contact page

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