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On Sunday 4 June this year Julia and her friends are taking part in a charity walk in Hillingdon (West London) in aid of the charity ‘Cancer Research UK’.

Although Julia has already met her personal fund raising target she is determined to raise as much as she can. The reason is a simple one and that is that according to the charity’s own website 50% of us will be diagnosed with cancer during our lifetimes.

The good news though is that cancer survival rates have doubled over the past 40 years and new technology and ground-breaking work is offering new opportunities to find different ways to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer and improve survival rates even further. Obviously this needs money and lots of it and so my request to you is to click on the link below and sponsor Julia.

Julia’s been getting into training for some time now and is so good at walking long distances I’ve suggested she and her mates do the whole thing backwards! I won’t repeat what she said.

Anyway, if you can spare a few quid for this extremely worthwhile cause my wife and I will be very grateful indeed.

Here’s that important link....

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Thank you

Calvin – author of the Crime Prevention Website

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