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This is to let you know that I have recently included a new section on this website that provides you with information about Smart Home Security Systems.

I’ve added the new section because I am aware that 2016 saw a very large increase in the purchase of these systems.

In essence a smart home security system makes optimal use of the dwelling’s existing internet connection (it’s already there so why not make the most use of it) is fairly easy to install and expand. The various detectors and cameras resemble those used by professional alarm companies, but there are a few downsides, which my article describes.

I hope you find the new section helpful and if you spot any glaring mistakes or wish to take issue with the things I’ve said please send me a message.

If you are a subscriber to Which? Magazine then you will be interested to learn that the January 2017 issue featured these systems with yours truly identified as one of their experts. I evaluated a number of installed systems, some of which are featured in their article. Please follow this link to their website or to subscribe to Which? if not a member.  

Smart Home Security Systems

Which? website

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