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In spite of these times of austerity about forty-five million of us will take a holiday this summer, with each household spending an average of £1,369* But how much extra will you need to spend to ensure that thieves won’t ruin your homecoming?

The answer to this question will obviously vary with your individual circumstances, but if the physical security of your home satisfies the requirements of your insurers then just a few extra ‘low’ or ‘no-cost’ measures will make a big difference. Most of these measures involve doing things that make your place look occupied when it’s not and this is where your neighbours and friends can help; a favour you can return when it’s their turn to go away.

So , before you start the packing the suntan lotion and Fifty Shades of Grey, do please follow this link and print off the Holiday Checklist. Although the list has 38 things to think about it only takes 5 minutes to check; five minutes that may make all the difference.

You know it makes sense!

*Leisure Wallet Report 2011

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