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Thank you to our Twitter follower, Glyn Harteveld, for bringing this news item to our attention.

Many of you will have used the services of Immobilise to register your property, particularly electronic gadgets, and maybe you did so because you were told about the service by the police. ACPO allowed them to use their Secured by Design logo due to the fact that the system had been successfully tested to: BS ISO/IEC 27001:2005/BS 7799-2:2005 Information technology. Security techniques. Information security management systems. Requirements 

This BBC report reveals that Paul Moore, a security consultant, discovered that Immobilise’s property register wasn’t as secure as it should have been.  Here’s Paul’s blog about the breach, which revealed that it was possible to view other people’s records.

Fortunately the problem has now been fixed and in fact was fixed very quickly, which Paul acknowledges. Thank goodness for people like Paul!

BBC Report:

Paul Moore’s Blog:

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