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Eric Tindall, the Chairman of Leicestershire Neighbourhood Watch, has recently put up an e-petition onto to gain support for a measure that will help prevent a huge number of vehicle crimes

This is what he says:

“Over 40,000 number plates are stolen from vehicle's each year costing over £15 million, but to fit security screws costs just 60p per vehicle.  

“Fitting security screws to car number plates at the point of sale, or when the vehicle is undergoing its MOT check, takes just a couple of minutes preventing YOU the POLICE and others wasting time effort and money - SIMPLES!!!

 “INDIA have done it already, so why can't we?”

We at The Crime Prevention Website totally support what Eric is saying and we would urge you to visit and sign the e-petition

Could you please also tweet about it and, if you are running a Neighbourhood Watch, please let your members know about this very important project.

Also, could my police followers spread the word to their colleagues and the public.

I’ll be tweeting about it regularly until the end of March 2015, when the e-petition ends, and we need you to help get it up to 100,000 signatures!

I know we can do it!

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