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The theft of catalytic converters (CATs) has continued to be an issue in the county, due to the high price of metal in recent years.

The thefts are occurring at all times of the day and night, with industrial estates being particularly targeted. Vans and four wheel drive vehicles are being targeted predominantly, however all types of vehicles are being affected.

Recent incidents include:

  • CAT stolen from a van in Iron Drive, Hertford between Nov 28 and Dec 1
  • CATs removed from 4 Mercedes Sprinters across Letchworth between Nov 28 and Dec 1
  • CATs stolen from 2 Mercedes Sprinters in the Mundells, Welwyn Garden City between Nov 30 and Dec 1
  • CAT stolen from a Mercedes Sprinter in Peartree Lane, Welwyn Garden City between Nov 30 and Dec 1
  • CATs stolen from vans in Frobisher Way, Hatfield on Nov 29
  • 6 CATs stolen from vans in Letchworth on Nov 23

Officers from the Crime Reduction Unit have been working with local scrap dealers to educate and improve processes and tackle anyone looking to sell on stolen metal. On Monday (Dec 1) they visited six scrap metal dealers in the county to check for stolen items and ensure they were operating within the new Scrap Dealers Act. No stolen metal was found.

In Welwyn Hatfield, batteries were stolen from fourteen lorries in various locations in Welwyn Garden City overnight between Thursday Nov 27 and Friday, Nov 28. 

Specialist Crime Prevention Officers have been visiting the businesses affected to provide advice and guidance about how to prevent further thefts.

Crime Prevention Officer, Ian Dowse said: “The theft of catalytic converters has been a recurring problem over the last few of years, particularly from diesel vans as they are easier to access on high clearance vehicles. Thieves target the units for the precious metals they contain.

“Becoming a victim of this crime is very inconvenient and can lead to costly repairs so we are urging people to be vigilant. Residents and local businesses are urged to report any suspicious behaviour as a crime in progress to police via 999.

“With catalytic converter theft in particular, look out for people hanging around vehicles at unusual times and make sure you make use of your drive or a garage if you have one.”

For more information and crime prevention advice, go to:

Also visit our page for advice on CAT theft

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