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This is obviously our lucky day – two new links in a day!

Just heard news from the Coordinator of Communities Against Crime in Melton Leicestershire that they’re about to place a link to us from their website page. I’ve linked back from my Partners page under ‘Local Authorities’.

Communities Against Crime recognises that many people’s fear and perception of crime can be just as damaging as being a victim. It can prevent individuals, in particular vulnerable and minority groups, from leading a full and active life in their community.

Communities Against Crime is a partnership between Melton Borough Council and Leicestershire Police to help crime victims and those who suffer from the fear of crime to take positive action to feel safer in their own homes and enjoy peace of mind.

If you have a personal concern about your home security or have been a victim of crime contact the Communities Against Crime Coordinator.

You can also find them on Twitter and Facebook.

This is an welcomed and important new link!

Communities Against Crime Melton:

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