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All of our original writings and images on The Crime Prevention Website are protected by Copyright, which means that we have control over who may use it. This does not mean that we wish to stop everyone using some of the content, but we reserve the right to limit that use for the following reasons:

  • I am an expert in the field of crime prevention and have spent many hundreds of hours writing the original copy for this unique website in order to advise the public for free. It would therefore be simply wrong for individuals and organisations to take advantage of my efforts
  • The funding of this website relies entirely on the presence of adverts produced by Google AdSence and from companies who advertise in our Directory. We therefore have to maximise the number of visitors to our website. If our material can be read elsewhere then we will miss out on potential advertising revenue, which will threaten the very existence of the website
  • We would always prefer our original copy to be read on our website anyway, because the reader will be able to look up other information on the same site 

These are our rules:

Links to The Crime Prevention Website

We encourage everyone to place links to The Crime Prevention Website from their websites, electronic newsletters and emails and you do not require our permission to do that. Go to Link to us to find out how to link.

Writings appearing on our various News Pages

News items that appear on our News Page, Facebook Page and in G+ may be reused by anyone providing a reference is made to the source. This may be The Crime Prevention Website, but it may also be the original source for the story, such as a newspaper or police force. If the news item is reproduced on a website or in an email or electronic newsletter you must also embed a link to the source.

Writings appearing elsewhere

If you would like to copy material from somewhere else on our website, which includes all of our advice pages and our electronic newsletter, you will need our written permission (using CONTACT).

If we give permission (and there is no guarantee that we will) then you will be required to do the following:

  • Identify the specific material you wish to copy as we reserve the right to limit the amount of material to be copied. 
  • Append the following footnote to the copied article: ©The Crime Prevention Website This article has been reproduced with the permission of Calvin Beckford at The Crime Prevention Website
  • If the copied material is to be reproduced in an electronic format, e.g. on a website, in an email or electronic newsletter then a link to the Home Page of The Crime Prevention Website must be embedded into the footnote
  • If the copied material is to be reproduced on a website you will be asked to provide a permanent link from that website to The Crime Prevention Website. Should you agree to do so we will reciprocate by placing a link back from our Partners Page. In some cases we will also produce a news story about the linking organisation
  • PLEASE NOTE: In all circumstances we will usually only give permission to the individuals or organisations shown below to use a strictly limited amount of our copy on one or two occasions per year.

Organisations and individuals that may receive permission to copy material include:

  • The Police Service
  • Other Emergency Services
  • Local Authorities
  • Academic Institutions
  • Neighbourhood and Home Watches
  • Charities
  • Community Websites
  • Commercial organisations with which we have a contractual arrangement, e.g. those that appear in The Crime Prevention Website’s Directory

We will and do take legal action to protect our copyrighted material