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Imagine I’m a bike thief and there are two bikes in front of me, both worth about £500; one that is obviously marked and registered (because I can see the sticker telling me so) and the other one not. 

I’ve only got a short time to make my mind up about which one I’m going to steal, because I’m late for an important date with me mate called Kate and both bikes are locked in the same manner – badly.  Now which one am I going to steal?

There are no prizes for guessing “the unmarked one stupid”, because it’s so obvious!  So why then are the majority of bikes not marked and registered?  Is it lethargy or ignorance of the fact that you can?  Well the next few pages will show you everything you need to know about property marking, so there are no excuses! 

Click on the various headings in the left hand column to find out more about property identification and help the old Bill catch some thieves – make me late for me date! 

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