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March 2018

Hello. Firstly I would just like to say thank you very much for your website, as it's helped me gain a much better understanding of what to look for in security, and has motivated me to research the subject in a greater depth. I do, however, have a question regarding the extent to which my property may be targeted by thieves. I have completed your Home Security Survey and began to take steps to improve my security, but I was just wondering; Does my security matter as much if I live in an estate where others' security is comparatively low?............Again, I can't thank you enough for your website. It's made me passionate about security! Thanks, Sam

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Sam Eason

January 2018

Hi, a great site, read all of it. Thanks.

Maurice Salter

December 2017

Hi there. Thank you so much for all of the useful information on your website.

J Flowers

December 2017

Thanks to you (and your son) for the site.  I will be a while looking around there, as it has a lot of information, and it’s based on experience, which is great.  I’m also going to forward it to some friends, and to a couple of cousins in Britain (a first cousin in London, and a third cousin in Nelson, Lancashire, birthplace and childhood home of my maternal grandfather).

Will Eaton United States

September 2017

Hello. I've just discovered your website and am impressed. THANK YOU for creating this! It will be much valued by many people - including myself. With all good wishes

Anne de Veauce

July 2017

I am the (equivalent of) the Force Crime Prevention Officer for the Royal Military Police in Germany. I both conduct and quality control a lot of Crime Prevention work here, and have found this website to be an invaluable tool in assisting me [to] do so. The advice is both practical and sensible, without commercial motives. Please keep up the excellent work.

Andy Moorhouse Royal Military Police

May 2017

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A former police officer, Calvin Beckford, is massively experienced in, and passionate about, preventing crime in the built environment and his website,, is well worth a visit.

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Edited by Martin Gill Professor of Criminology

April 2017

September 2016

Just wanted to congratulate you on this website and the information that it contains. I think the advice you provide to the public is well-written and informed. keep it up

Jeremy Carvill Janus Alarms

September 2016

I came across your alleygaters guide and am very impressed. I wondered if you can point me at any suitable gate manufacturers.....Thanks

Martin Brown

September 2016

Thank you for providing me with the opportunity of completing a security survey, and for all the work that you have put into the production of it.

William Howard

February 2016 

Hi Calvin 

Thank you very much for your email. 

I appreciate the additional recommendations included in your reply.  I must say your website is an excellent resource for security issues.  Pleased that I discovered it. 

Thanks again 


February 2016 

Hi, I run a security installation company in Leicester. I really like your DIY security survey! Fantastic idea and really gives people access to important information. 

Chris Bowles
Rossells Locksmiths Ltd

October 2015

This article about the History of Crime Prevention made interesting reading as my father was Chief Superintendent Arthur Snow and he ran the Home Office Crime Prevention Centre when it was in Stafford for 3 years. He was loaned by Kent Police at the time, and loved the job, his title was Director of Crime Prevention to the Home Office at the time. Dad sadly died in 1992.

Vivienne Peen

September 2015

Hi Calvin

Thanks for all the super info. I'm working my way through all the links which are very informative and helpful. I will be putting into practice your advice re the sliding doors and I'm thinking of contacting an approved locksmith to get the conservatory door checked out. Additionally, I'll be fitting a more robust external LCD sensor light to the rear.
Many thanks
PS I will refer your website on to my friends. 

Joy Thomas (In the process of adding better security to her Mother's house)

September 2015

Feedback re Defensive plants, shrubs and trees.....

A most informative and practical website. Interesting ideas, intelligently written.

Thank you for the many good ideas.

Deborah White

August 2015

Hi Calvin ,

Thanks for the info and l love the website; it certainly opens your eyes. 

People should be aware. I don’t go on Facebook or that Twitter - don’t understand it and it frightens me - but l do read up on the scams and I cannot believe people advertise they go on holiday!

Well thanks again Calvin

Sue May

August 2015

Dear Calvin

Thank you for your continuing useful information to help prevent crime

Robin Hill

May 2015

Hello Calvin and Ben

Thank you so much for everything you have done and continue to do in the interests of crime prevention and thank you for this fantastic website that I use on a daily basis. I am a retired police officer with Lancashire Police and now working for them as a 'Watch Liaison Officer' supporting all Watch schemes including Neighbourhood Watch.

Kindest Regards

Tony Ford, Watch Liaison Officer for Lancashire Constabulary

7 April 2015

We like using your website to advise business and public on safeguarding property and your ‘Taking care at Cash-Points’ is brilliant crime prevention info.

Safer Lambeth Business Crime Reduction Partnership

16 March 2015

Just wanted to say how pleased I was with the Switched On Products light switch timer I won via your website. It's a great bit of kit in the fight against crime - and very easy to install. Thanks ! Great website, loads of information - keep up the good work !

Maggie Norvell

1 November 2014

Great Website! @Prevent_Crime

Will certainly refer to this in the future. Good work!

Wyse Locksmith - Thatcham Newbury

28 October 2014

Thanks for your help.

Got burgled yesterday, what a terrible experience!

I did your survey. Oh my! Scored 55 on the risk assessment. Now to read the recommendations! Have subscribed to the newsletter too

Fab website! Onwards and Upwards!

Sharon - Hayes Middlesex

1 September 2014

Just got the newsletter today. I wish there was something more practical I could do to support you. All I can do is say thank you for the enormous amount of effort you must have put into this, and making a source of authoritative information for the average householder.

Best regards Nigel O

20 June 2014

Thank you for this [The Home Security Survey]; it must have taken a huge amount of work, as it is obviously authoritative and not just knocked out quickly. I've done the survey [and] now need to work through the recommendations.

Regards Nigel Ogilvie

23 May 2014

Thank you so much

It was such a pleasure running into the slew of information on your website. I absolutely love it! And I will continue to share "The Crime Prevention Website" with my current and future clientele.

Breanna Marini

24 May 2014


There is scant advice out there, I just wanted to say thanks for providing this site!

Best wishes

Laura - Home owner

10 April 2014


I really like the website. It is very informative.

Craig Andres Locksmith with AA Lock and Key  Bristol

20 March 2014

Thanks Calvin 

I oversee a team of 13 staff of intelligence researchers, analysts and a Crime Prevention Advisor.  Part of our role is problem solving, including making practical recommendations.  I have been looking at websites that they can search for crime prevention tips and ideas and yours stood out. I will encourage them to use [it] regularly.

Paul Moorman Senior Intelligence Analyst Hampshire Constabulary 

(Hampshire Constabulary links to this website)

30 January 2014

I’ve just discovered this site - Amazing!

Not only do you provide valid advice but [also] the links to things. One in particular I found really brilliant was the type of recommended plants to deter intruders. I was also going to invest in some anti theft devices and after reading your 'home security' advice I saved myself a lot of money by NOT buying things that would have been a waste of I was very pleased that I took the time to read it first. 

I did wonder why I should have to put up signs to warn of the anti theft devices I might use, but after reading your story of the bin man it makes sense.

Thank you for the time and work you have put into the site.

Julie Brayfield (Posted on our Facebook page)

19 September 2013

WELL DONE on producing such a mine of information. Rest assured that there are very few websites that are as packed with useful and practical guidance as yours - certainly none that I have found in the security arena come anywhere near yours. 

Bill Holt near Heathrow

31 July 2013

I was very impressed with your website and it was the first time I’d seen it. I will certainly be making my community contacts aware of it.

Jane Dudley - Swindon Community Safety Partnership Team

30th July 2013


I have just come across your site as I regularly search Crime Prevention etc. I do remember your name from your days in the Met Police. We probably sent you our catalogue/samples from time to time.  I really just wanted to say what a great resource it looks. Now funding has been cut and the Home Office don’t have their dedicated website, yours seems a brilliant alternative.

Just thought I would leave my feedback

Nick Hughes - JNE Marketing Ltd

13th June 2013

No sane police officer or criminologist will challenge the Crime Prevention Website’s claim to be the largest and most comprehensive resource for crime prevention and home security advice. Its creator, Calvin Beckford, has encyclopaedic knowledge of the field and a hard-nosed approach to crime reduction. As police staffing dedicated to crime prevention declines, the Crime Prevention Website will become an ever more important resource. 

Professor Ken Pease, Criminologist. Visiting Professor at Manchester Business School and formerly at UCL, the Home Office and University of Manchester

9th June 2013

As a leading professional in the field of Community Safety and the current Chair of the UK Design Out Crime Association I would like to acknowledge the importance of The Crime Prevention Website. I have found it to be authoritative, independent and current. Whether you are just starting in the crime prevention field or a seasoned campaigner, the website is an excellent resource for direct advice or will point you to someone else who you can be confident will help you. It provides the insight you need and the contacts that can support you - whatever your community safety issue. I would have no hesitation in recommending it! 

Doctor Tim Pascoe Criminologist Chair Designing Out Crime Association

25th May 2013

Good site Calvin. This is what is required today. 

Keep up the good work as the excellent knowledge and experience is vanishing very quickly [from the police].

Trevor Hanson Retired Crime Prevention Design Adviser Metropolitan Police

1st June 2013

A great website, which is really going to help my team's ongoing fight against crime!

Sergeant Jim Nixon  West Midlands Police

30th Jaunuary 2013

Just a note to congratulate you. I formally opened the Easingwold Crime Prevention Centre and the photo you have of its demolition speaks eloquently about government fatalism and loss of interest in crime prevention.

I am writing a book, due out in May, which I hope will be music to your ears, setting out the case for crime prevention very much along the lines on which you have devoted much of your professional career.
Anyway, as I say, congratulations on the site.

Nick Ross - Former presenter of BBC's Crimewatch and keen supporter of crime prevention

12th October 2012

What a fantastic website!!!
Just done the on line security check. Very impressed.
Best wishes to you and your son for the future.

Rob Scarth Wokingham Berkshire

20th August 2012


As a retired Police Officer and Crime Reduction Manager with Nottinghamshire Police (left in July 2011), I found this site to be extremely useful and user friendly. I realise all too well how difficult it can be to engage the public prior to them becoming a victim, and I wish you every success

Kind regards

Steve Ward

19th July 2012

Thank you for contacting WalmerWeb and letting me know about your Crime Prevention Website.

You won't be surprised that I decided to take a "brief look" at your website to see how it matched up to your description.  Well, about an hour later I tore myself away.  So much for a "brief look"!

I certainly reckon congratulations are in order for creating a genuinely useful resource and to your son for a nice clean website design.

Harold Wyld

Webmaster for Walmerweb and Dealweb

19th April 2012

Hi Calvin

Many thanks for including me in the circulation for the website.

I have completed the survey application and I circulated the web address to all the Police Community Support Officers and Special Constables in our Borough Command Unit; encouraging them to visit the site and do the survey in respect of their own homes. This should give them improved knowledge and confidence to give advice when asked for by the general public and also to enable them to steer the public in the direction of the website.

Yesterday, at our County Crime Prevention meeting, I asked if there could be a link from the Cumbria Police website to The Crime Prevention Website and, subject to the usual disclaimer about the force not being responsible for the content of external websites, it seems likely that this will proceed.  

We are also going to use our Community Messaging system to get the website details out to all the county Neighbourhood Watch schemes, to encourage them to visit the site and go through the survey.

Best wishes to you for the success of the site, and sincere thanks for the effort you've put into it.

David Thompson                                                                                          

Crime Prevention and Architectural Liaison Officer  West Cumbria Police


I have just been looking through your new website, well worth it. It has loads of advice and information on all aspects of security, designing out crime etc. This could prove a very helpful research tool for those starting out in the crime prevention/reduction world, as well as us with a few years under (and hanging over) our belts. The general public and businesses alike will find what they’re looking for. WELL DONE!

John Hills MSyl, LCGI, AD.Cert.ED & CP Senior Architectural and CCTV Liaison Officer  Essex Police


Thank you so much for sending the link to me and even after a brief whiz through the site; what can I say but "marvellous". I shall be looking to add your link to our website

I will have a really good look through everything at some point this week and once again Congratulations on a very thorough and forward looking site.

Kind regards

PC Di Paul Force Crime Prevention Design Adviser Kent Police

To the Editor

Firstly let me say that it is obvious, right from the start, how much time and energy you have devoted to the site and it is actually quite fun to read. Unlike many other websites where after the first 2 paragraphs you are lost in a maelstrom of Geek speak and abbreviations, which drive you mad, yours is easy to follow and enjoyable.

Normally on websites you are quick to fast forward before you fall asleep, but I found myself reading in depth, including the anecdotes from your past mentioning specific events and the like, which has made it far more personal and you feel that you are indeed dealing with someone who actually knows what they are talking about.

The left hand menu is obvious and I found what I wanted with ease and without too much trouble. The contents pages are easy to follow and more importantly short and to the point.

All in all I was very impressed; congratulations! 

Bob Lenz Cowley West London

Hi Calvin

I have been involved in Crime Prevention and Public Safety for 35 years. Have seen many sites during that time, but yours in my opinion is the best. It is neatly arranged, easy to read and navigate, very helpful, and just a great site for folks to review. Keep up the great work. You have a supporter in me, and I would love to contribute if possible.

Steve Wallach President and CEO MetroStar Resources LLC  Dallas and Fort Worth area Texas USA

To Calvin

Well done Calvin and Ben. I know it is only your Beta version, but I have had a scan through and clearly well thought out site with loads of information and help. I'll "start spreading the NEWS" as the song goes.

Andy Brooks  Managing Director Televigil Associates  Fordingbridge Hampshire                        

To Calvin and Ben

Well done Calvin & Ben for all the effort you have put into this site. This is something that is needed on the web, and I wish you all the success with it.

Brian Wicks Resident Northern Cyprus

Well done Calvin and Ben.  

A great initiative and wonderful to see the 'can do' attitude of the proper British Bobby is soldiering on, despite the way the job wastes its best talent. 

Dave Stubbs (Crime Prevention Design Adviser (Retired))                             Newbury, Berkshire

About Calvin Beckford

I knew of Calvin Beckford long before I had the pleasure of making his acquaintance and then working with him on the ACPO Crime Prevention Design Group (CPDG).  His reputation quite rightly preceded him.  The early work that put his name in lights beyond the London Borough of Ealing was the Alleygaters Guide to Gating Alleys.  This was guidance of almost biblical status for this fledgling crime prevention officer just one year in the job at that time.

Calvin is an innovator and is possessed of a single minded determination and passion rarely encountered in our shared field.  His contributions to Secured by Design, and the advancement and professionalising of crime prevention have been significant; his consistent high standards, an inspiration.  I can think of very few people in my 18 years of service who have done as much as Calvin to try and reinstate crime prevention in the fabric of police thinking.  His quality of product shines out like a Beacon.  I have my signed copy of Home Security the Complete Handbook on the bookshelf and Crime Opportunity Profiling of Streets is a well thumbed source for my public safety audit work here in Canada.

The high quality content in many of the guides produced by the Association of Chief Police Officers Secured by Design scheme were the product of Calvin’s perseverance, meticulous attention to detail and his guiding hand. 

Calvin’s contributions round the Crime Prevention Design Group table were always considered and often delivered with a contagious dry humour that helped keep us all afloat as the hours passed.  I smile when I remember a CPDG meeting in Birmingham where a whole raft of nautical terms permeated the minutes with Calvin as contributor in chief.  On a more serious note Calvin never shied from expressing a view even where that view might oppose a growing consensus, his arguments were always sound and added end product value.

I count Calvin as a good friend, an outstanding colleague and value his counsel.  With Calvin and crime prevention you get more than what it says on the tin.

Mike Franklin AD Cert ED & CP LCGI Mike Franklin Security Risk Management  Mission  British Columbia  Canada