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CCTV for domestic use

As the price has come down with mass production, closed circuit television (CCTV) for the home and garden has become widely available, either through a specialist installer, an alarm company or from the DIY market where systems are purchased either online or through high street electronics specialists. 

Most people who install cameras at their home use them to monitor the garden and the front of the house and sometimes monitor the images on their televisions from the comfort of their armchair.  Others have installed a system to monitor various rooms around the house for a number of reasons and the latest technology allows you to receive alarm signals from the system on your mobile phone, laptop or tablet and monitor live images.  Providing the system is designed to protect you and your home and none of the images captured by the cameras are from beyond the boundary of your property (public street, neighbours' gardens) you will not need to register it with The Information Commissioner’s Office

For more guidance about installing a DIY system or having one professionally installed please visit CCTV for Home and Business on this website

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