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The 'kellycoupling' was designed in response to the fact that my neighbour was broken into via one of his windows. Less than a month later somebody pulled my (cast iron) rainwater pipe off the wall in a similar attempt to gain access to my property. This product is designed to deter people from climbing pipes to gain position to cause damage or to enter premises and steal and/ or vandalise. It is clean and easy to instal in new pipework or retro-fit, two strengths are available, the stronger spring in the 'kelly plus' makes it ideal for cast iron pipework. The component parts are sourced from british companies, and it is assembled in London.The stainless steel springs are grade 302 which include similar quantities of chromium and nickel to grade 304, and with more carbon for tensile strength and ductility. (perfect for springs) both grades are suitable for inland industrial use and easily cope with rural stuations. The  sleeve is EPDM rubber, widely used for roof coverings, pond/canal linings, and like stainless steel has great atmospheric resistance, and doesn't pollute water (if your harvesting). The couplings are P.V.C,- some say it has a shelf life of 100 years, but it  should last over 30years even with UV rays, and it separates the spring from the pipe, so if your pipe is a metal of a different noble value, there is no galvanic corrosion (chemical reaction). It doesn't take long to fit and if you do go out to the garden or the shops and forget to shut the window, it should stop the opportunist thief from using the drainpipe to get in. If you need assistance for the fitting contact  or  kelly coupling@outlook  . Instructions are included in the purchase, or view at

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