The Crime Prevention Website

I’ve started noticing police forces tweeting about crime prevention and extra police patrols aimed at looking after students during fresher’s week.  This is a deliberate move by police as they know that the statistics show that students are at a greater risk than the general population for a number of crimes.  For example

  • Burglary – 2 ½ times higher than the average
  • Vehicle crime – 1 ½ times higher
  • Violent crime – 2 ½ times higher
  • Theft from the person – 3 times higher

A lot of this added risk boils down to being young (something I was once guilty of), a healthy carefree attitude and desire to have some fun in between all that hard studying.  And, if you’re not living in halls of residence, sometimes a lack of home security and often a reliance on several housemates for each other’s security.

The Crime Prevention Website strongly suggests you spend some time reading and thinking about the advice on your university’s and students union websites to ensure that you experience the best time ever!

To get you started take a look at the advice sections below.

Also, visit The Student Room and learn from each other, but above all – have a great time!     

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