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Having served most of my police career in the Metropolitan Police I am absolutely delighted to announce that we have formally linked to each other’s websites. This link from the Met has been in the pipeline for quite some time, because we’ve been waiting for the Met to do a bit of site rebuilding at their end.  Well, the wait has certainly been worth it, not just for me and the link, but because the Met’s website is now looking good, is much easier to navigate and is brimming full with excellent crime prevention content.

For me this is a bit like ‘coming home’, because I’m back in touch with the organisation that gave me the opportunity to develop my interest in crime prevention in the first place, and now I’ve been given a second opportunity to help the people of London with their crime prevention enquiries.

So it’s sincere thanks to my contacts in the Met and here’s to a continuing and long term working relationship!  

Happy days! 

The Metropolitan Police Crime Prevention Pages:

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