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I have lucid memories of some of the householders’ reactions to the things I used to say to them when conducting a home security survey.  Sometimes, I’m sure they just wouldn’t believe me!

So when I came across this 6th June news report from Lancashire Constabulary I just had to bring it to your attention...........

A BURGLAR, who was caught on CCTV as he climbed up a drainpipe into an open window, has been jailed for two years four months. 

Stuart Marsden, 48, of Charterhouse Place, Blackburn appeared at Preston Crown Court today (Thursday 6 June) after pleading guilty to burglary.

Marsden climbed into the house on Willis Road, Blackburn, after spotting an open upstairs window around 8.30pm on 30 March. He escaped after the owner – a 38-year-old man, became aware he was in the house. Marsden jumped out of the window and ran off.

He was arrested after police examined CCTV footage and carried out forensic enquiries on a hat which he had left at the scene. 

Police have today released the footage of the break in and are urging people to make sure they lock doors and windows when they go to bed. 

Detective Inspector Paul Langley from Blackburn CID said: "Burglary figures remain low in Blackburn but we have released this CCTV to show people the lengths opportunist thieves will go to - if they see an open window or door, they will take their chances and in Marsden’s case, risk life and limb to get into your home. 

"I hope people are reassured that Marsden is now off the streets and behind bars for a considerable amount of time. At the same time, I hope this acts as a warning to residents to make sure they lock their doors and windows before they go out and before they go to bed.  

"By taking a few extra crime prevention measures you are greatly decreasing your chances of becoming a victim of crime."

When you watch the video you’ll see that Marsden actually falls out of the window and runs off limping!

Full marks to Lancashire Constabulary for getting the guy, but also for putting up the video as proof that upstairs windows can be at risk, especially when they’re next to a rainwater or soil pipe – even at the front of a house.

Original source and video Lancashire Constabulary:

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