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We are pleased to inform you that the winner of our Prize Draw for the £500 voucher for a safe, donated by our friends at, is.....

Fiona, a business consultant, living in Kingston upon Thames, Surrey.

Delighted Fiona told us that although she does enter on-line competitions from time to time she is actually very selective.  Our Prize Draw caught her eye in particular because her young nephew runs a small retail business and she’s been a little worried that he hasn’t got around to acquiring a safe.

OK, so the safe isn’t going to end up in a dwelling on this occasion, but it’s nevertheless going to a good home, so to speak, and more importantly it’s going to be preventing crime.

An extra bonus for us is that Fiona thought our Home Security Survey application was very useful and as a result of completing it she’s got a couple of things now to do.  Excellent!

So it’s ‘well done’ to Fiona and huge thanks to Total Safes, our sponsor and here’s to the next Prize Draw (if anybody knows somebody do let me know!) have been safe experts since 1945, providing secure storage solutions for most of the leading high street banks, building societies, hotels, restaurants, pharmacies and residences. They have their own in-house safe engineers and provide full customer support before, during and after your purchase.

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