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Some of you lucky people are going to be taking a holiday flight out of the frozen wastes of the UK this week to sunnier climes and I thought it timely to make mention of the Holiday Security Checklist on this website.

Most homes that are burgled are unoccupied and so the checklist majors on the things you can do to trick the potential thief that you’re in.  We’ve made it possible for you to print off a copy of the checklist, so you can put it together with the rest of your holiday paperwork.  It’ll only take a few minutes to work your way down the list and these few minutes could make a real difference to your homecoming.

We’ve got lots of followers on Twitter and so we hope that this message gets re-tweeted to as many people as possible.  Likewise we hope our Partners will also promote the importance of holiday security through their own websites and newsletters.

Have a great time!    

Holiday Security Checklist:

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