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According to this news article in the North West Evening Mail last Friday, which I missed due to being out, the police in Barrow, Cumbria are pulling their hair out over a spike in the number of unforced burglaries in the area.  It seems that burglars are walking around the streets at night trying front door handles and I suppose the reality is that if they try enough of them eventually they’ll find one or two unlocked.

Many of these doors will have multipoint locking systems, which are good if used properly.  Let me explain: 

The operation of multipoint door locks are set up in two main ways:  There are the ‘solid spindle’ types whereby the handle on the outside of the door operates the little latch (or live bolt).  The other is the ‘split spindle’ type where the outside handle is detached from the latch and therefore doesn’t operate it.  In both cases the door will not be locked unless the handle has been lifted up to engage the multipoint locks and the key has been turned in the keyhole.  The key should be removed from the keyhole and placed in a position where everyone in the household can find it in case of an emergency – but don’t leave it so close to the door that it could be stolen by fishing through the letter plate.

Even if your lock has a split spindle handle on the outside, which cannot operate the latch, you should not rely on this small latch bolt for your night time security (or day time security if you’re out).

If you are the proud owner of a multipoint locking front door (or back or side door) please help the Cumbrian Police keep their hair.  Close the door, lift the handle, turn and remove the key – simples!

You know it makes sense! 

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