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Police Community Support Officer Neil Spring from Avon and Somerset Police has had himself filmed nicking his own bike from a busy set of cycle stands somewhere in Bristol?  On the film, which is available on You Tube at this link , you can see several members of the public looking on while he uses a couple of bolt croppers and or brute force to take four bikes.  Watch the video to see how many people called the police (I don’t want to spoil it for you!)

It reminded me of Dominic Waugh’s award winning 2006 short film on Channel 4 called ‘Stop nicking my bike’ where he too is shown nicking his bike loads of times in central London with everyone looking on. Unfortunately the film on my link on my Bike Security pages has been taken down and I can’t find it anywhere else. Shame.

Avon and Somerset police staged this event to encourage members of the public to call 999 as soon as they saw a crime taking place and hopefully this film will make them think.  Also think again if you thought you could rely on the public intervening to stop your bike getting nicked!

Keep ‘em peeled

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