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A Home Office Statistical Bulletin entitled ‘Police Service Strength’, written by Amardeep Dhani, was published on 26th July. It confirms the numbers of police officers, minority ethnic officers, police community support officers, police staff and Special Constables employed by the 43 police services of England and Wales on 31st March 2012 and compares these figures to police strengths on 31st March 2011.

The main points are:

  • There were 134,101 full-time equivalent (FTE) Police Officers.  A decrease of 3.6% or 5,009 officers compared to a year earlier
  • There were 6,664 FTE Minority Ethnic Officers, which is 5.0% of the total police strength, compared with 4.8% on 31 March 2011
  • FTE Police Staff numbers stand at 67,474. A decrease of 8.8% or 6,536 compared to a year earlier
  • The total number of FTE Police Community Support Officers was 14,393. A decrease of 9.0% or 1,427 on the previous year
  • There were 20,343 Special Constables as at 31 March 2012. A 10.4% or 1,922 increase on the previous year

For a more detailed look at the numbers and to see how your local police service has been affected please take a look at the full report at this link to the Home Office website

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