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The Office for National Statistics has released its latest crime statistical bulletin for period ending March 2012.

Some of the keys findings show that:

There has been no change in overall crime against adults compared with the 2010/11 survey and crimes recorded by the police fell by 4 per cent between 2010/11 and 2011/12.

The Crime in England and Wales (CSEW) count of crime has remained at the same level for the last three years. Prior to this there were large reductions between the 1995 and 2004/05, after which the rate of decline slowed. Police recorded crime has continued to show annual reductions since 2004/05.

Whilst most categories of police recorded crime fell in 2011/12, there was a 2 per cent increase in ‘other theft’ offences, principally by rises in ‘theft of unattended property’, ‘theft from the person’, ‘bicycle theft’ and ‘shoplifting’.

Estimates over the last four years indicate an upward trend in CSEW ‘other household theft’. This category includes theft of household items which are taken from outside the dwelling (e.g. garden furniture).

Police recorded ‘violence against the person’ decreased by 7 per cent, continuing the downward trend in recent years. More serious violent crimes such as ‘homicide’ and ‘grievous bodily harm’ showed marked decreases in 2011/12 compared with the previous year.

For the full details please visit The Office for National Statistics

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